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Bitcoin ATM Scams / Tracing Transactions to a Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (CEX)


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There are over 38,000 registered Bitcoin ATM machines worldwide. Just under 32,000 of those are in the United States but they are located in almost every country in the world.

In this course, I am going to empower you with the knowledge, experience, and ability to manually trace transactions from Bitcoin ATM Scams quickly and efficiently using FREE and open-source blockchain explorers in order to get a head start on these important investigations.

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the most famous and well-known cryptocurrency. Most consider it to be the original; the one that started it all.

In this course, you will learn and actually practice a valuable cryptocurrency transaction tracing and investigation skill.

Bitcoin ATM Scams are plaguing communities all over the world. Unfortunately, the elderly seem to be most affected by these scams. I’m really not talking about a much larger scam, like Pig Butchering or a Romance/Investment scam where a Bitcoin ATM is utilized as part of the scam. Although, this course can help with tracing transactions out from those incidents as well.

I am talking about the reports that local law enforcement agencies get every day. An elderly person falls victim to an imposter scam or tech support scam and is instructed to withdraw anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 (or more) from their bank account(s) and then send the money to the scammer via a Bitcoin ATM (BTM).

I always say this, and I will continue to say it here. These cases can be the bread and butter for local law enforcement agencies looking to make an impact in the crypto related financial crime space and potentially make some recoveries for elderly victims. Why? I’m glad you asked.

Once you register for and begin completing this course, you will learn why and it’s an important “why”.

You will learn that, especially with these Bitcoin ATM cases, you have a chance. But what if you or your agency doesn’t have access to paid advanced blockchain analytics software? What if your buddy at the other agency who has access is on vacation? You need to know how to manually trace these transactions across the blockchain. You will learn how to, and actually practice that in this course plus more.

You will also learn about ways that scammers are progressing and attempting to make things harder for law enforcement using QR codes and how you can defeat their tactics.

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This course content is also included in my FLAGSHIP course: Blockchain Basics + Cryptocurrency/Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Transaction Tracing for Investigators.

The course you are about to register for is shorter and focused on the specialized topic pulled from my flagship course. I found that a lot of people were interested in this specific topic so I created this break-out course to address it specifically. After taking this course, you will be offered an Alumni discount on the full course should you wish to take that as well.


In this specialized focused online/on-demand training course

  • You will learn about Bitcoin (BTC) transaction specifics and why they are important to know with examples while completing transaction tracing.
  • You will complete three (3) transaction tracing exercises using two (2) powerful and FREE open-source blockchain explorers.
  • Each Practical Application Exercise on transaction tracing contains a detailed written walkthrough with screen shots as well as a walkthrough video.
  • After each tracing exercise, there is an accompanying lesson where you will learn how to document the tracing that you just completed.
  • You will complete a Practical Application Exercise (PAE) where you will learn how to navigate around the QR Code roadblock that the scammers try to put up for law enforcement in Bitcoin ATM Scams.
  • The course also covers some of the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain plus important relevant vocabulary.
  • After completion of this course you will automatically receive an emailed PDF certificate of completion. 
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Below is a video snippet of transaction tracing that YOU WILL DO in my focused breakout course, Bitcoin ATM Scams / Tracing Transactions to a Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (CEX).

This is just a snippet from one (1) of the three (3) tracing exercises in this course.

Watch the below video 

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This course is not all inclusive. You will learn a new and very valuable skill here. However, once you begin your cryptocurrency transaction tracing journey you will encounter things not covered in this course. That's how the cryptocurrency space is. Beware of anyone who sells a course with the promise of it being "the only course you need" because that just isn't true.

Once you get this specialized foundational knowledge and experience, however, it will make understanding other tracing situations that you encounter much easier.

Once you register and pay for this course you will have full access for 30 days. You will complete the course quicker than that but I want you to be able to go back over it more than once if you would like to get more practice.

After completion, your certificate of completion will be auto generated using the name that you registered with so make sure it's the name that you want on the certificate. The certificate will then be emailed to the email address that you registered with.

Most importantly, once you gain these skills and get this experience,
no one can take it away from you.

You can keep building from there.

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