Learn to Investigate Cryptocurrency Related Financial Crimes, Trace Cryptocurrency Transactions, and Document Cryptocurrency in Reports

Begin Cryptocurrency Related Financial Crime Investigations and Move Them Forward with Confidence

My name is Larry Nielsen. I am an active law enforcement Detective in South Florida USA. I have over 17 years of experience in law enforcement and over 7 years of experience as a Financial Crimes Detective. I am also a cryptocurrency investor and and NFT creator and collector. I enjoy tracing cryptocurrency and non-fungible token transactions across the blockchain!

With the rise in popularity of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs also comes the increase in related crimes and the urgent need to know how to investigate them. The objective of this online/on-demand course is to provide you with solid foundation and practical, usable investigative techniques that you can benefit from daily.

I created this course, Blockchain Basics + Cryptocurrency & Non-Fungible Token Transaction Tracing for Investigators aka the Crypto Course for Cops, and have been teaching an in-person version since the beginning of 2022 in the USA and have now transitioned it to an online/on-demand format to be able to reach more investigators. I have added so much more value to this online/on-demand version and it is now open for registration!

This course starts by teaching you the basics about crypto and blockchain, walking you through investigative considerations, and progresses to YOU tracing cryptocurrency transactions and a non-fungible token transaction across the blockchain!

Course flyer available at: fintechfocus.io/training

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In this online/on-demand course,

you will be empowered with the skills and knowledge to properly begin cryptocurrency related investigations and move them forward with confidence. 

You will learn about trending cryptocurrency related crimes effecting residents of your local areas, how these crimes work and how to investigate and document them.

You will learn must-know cryptocurrency related terminology.

You will learn the important information to collect at the very beginning of your investigation. 

You will learn cryptocurrency subpoena and search/seizure warrant basics plus other investigative considerations for centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, bitcoin ATM companies, and non-custodial wallets/wallet addresses. 

You will complete multiple Practical Application Exercises where you will use free and open-source tools and learn how they can help you in your day-to-day investigations.

In this course you will not only learn how to do it, you will trace cryptocurrency transactions across six (6) different blockchains using seven (7) different free and open-source blockchain explorers.

You will trace cryptocurrency through decentralized exchanges (DEX) meaning you will trace through a swap from one cryptocurrency to another and keep going.

You will trace a stolen Non-Fungible Token (NFT) across the Ethereum blockchain using free open source methods and unmask a non-custodial wallet address owner.

You will also work through lessons learning how to properly document the transaction tracing that you complete for each transaction tracing exercise.

These are all essential skills that YOU NEED in your investigative tool box!

Plus more.

This course can be your foundation.

This is your cornerstone.

You CAN investigative cryptocurrency related financial crimes.

Start today.

Course flyer available at: fintechfocus.io/training

Below is a video snippet of transaction tracing that YOU WILL DO in this course. This is ONE of the ELEVEN different transaction tracing exercises that you will work through across SIX different blockchains using SEVEN different free and open-source blockchain explorers.


Testimonial from a Detective who attended my in-person version of this course in Salt Lake City, UT:

"I attended Larry Nielsen’s FinTech Crypto Tracing course in March 2023. Since learning the basics of crypto tracing from his class, I have had much success tracing and seizing crypto funds.

In the past few months, I have seized about $50,000 USD in crypto from all over the world. I’ve also created crypto investigations policy and a government-controlled wallet account for our Department with information obtained from Larry’s course.

I highly recommend this course for any investigator looking to expand their financial cases into cryptocurrency."

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Testimonial from a Detective Sergeant who attended my in-person version of my training in South Florida:

"I recently attended a block of Cryptocurrency Investigations training instructed by Larry. I’ve sat through several presentations over the years on this topic and never left feeling any more knowledgeable about the subject.

The cryptocurrency world is replete with its own language, much of which is unique to the crypto industry.

Larry has a way of explaining the terms in an understandable way that is relatable to daily life. His instruction was able to remove the veil of mystery and confusion surrounding cryptocurrency and the investigative process and left me and my team feeling more confident and capable of diving into these types of cases."

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